8 tips that will help you towards a successful virtual symposium.

To start open the link you received by e-mail and launch zoom.  After you did enter your name and password zoom will open.


Check your microphone (default it is muted), please leave it also muted during the entire meeting unless the moderator invites you to speak.


Camera settings: avoid a strong light as your background and make sure your face isn’t dark by using a soft frontal keylight.  We also recommend to have a webcam at eye level to achieve a better perspective as your frame.


Chat: in the chatbox you can send messages to the entire group (everyone) or to a private person.  If you have a question for the speaker please send this directly to the moderator. For technical questions you can contact the host.


Networking: in the participants box you can see who is attending the current session.  At our participants page at this website you can find the LinkedIn details of all the participants to be able to network also after the symposium.  


All the sessions are recorded. They will be edited before Xmas. To capture a slide on the spot, you can use your printscreen key on your keyboard. On our resources page you will find also extra information.


We recommend you to chose the speaker view to see the slides and the speaker in the same time. The gallery view will allow you to see everyone before the symposium starts and during the breaks.


Lastly you can rename yourself: it’s good to add also the name of your organization/company. 

We wish you a very successful symposium and networking experience!